Financial Assistance
(by several anonymous benefactors)

There is limited financial aid available to help cover hotel and basic registration costs.


The First Option is the RAB-DAB Regional Travel Fund Scholarship (Click HERE to Download)

To qualify for the RAB-DAB Regional Travel Fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • must be a first-time attendee of a Regional Conference
  • must be a paid member of LPA in good standing, and
  • any minor child must be accompanied by an adult/guardian

If you are not currently a paid member of LPA, you may pay your membership fee before applying (but this does not automatically guarantee a scholarship).

National dues are $55 per household per year.  A three year membership is $120.  Lifetime membership is $750. Senior memberships (age 65+) are $20.  International members or full-time college or vocational students (12 units or more) are $35.  You may fill out your application online HERE or download the form to print and mail HERE.  The many benefits of becoming a paid member of LPA can be found HERE.


The Second Option is to contact Angie Giuffre by email with your special needs

To be considered, applicants must include the following in the email:

  • your name (including addresses and contact information)
  • your LPA status (lapsed membership / never been a paid member but attend local functions / new to LPA)
  • your explanation of the specifics of the need, and some general information about you / your family
  • your expectation of what will be gained by attending the LPA 2015 Trifecta Regional

Angie will be sure to forward your information to the additional benefactors for consideration.